Back to the source

To dages seminar med Charles Buck

“Back to the Source”

A seminar including both lecturing and practical work with Charles Buck.

Med sin store erfaring i kinesisk medicin og akupunktur vil Charles Buck undervise i hvordan vi som akupunktører kan forstå at integrere klassisk kinesisk medicin ind i vores kliniske praksis og vores fremtidige medicin.

Sprog: engelsk / language: English.

Charles will speak on how to integrate Classical Chinese Medicine  in to modern clinical acupuncture practise , and how the classical lineage can be integrated in to the future of our medicine. Especially texts from the Han scholars, written at the time when the Yellow emperor was compiled will be reviewed.

During this two day seminar Charles will guide us through different Qi mechanisms along with discussing and practising Resonance, Harmonisation, Yijing, ‘Mysterious mansions’ and much more.

This seminar focuses on both physician cultivation and prescient cognition, and connecting these to our current clinical realities.

At the seminar we will also be working practically and functionally with Qi, and also with diagnosing and rebalancing with both palpation and needling, all according to classical medicine.

Charles is known for compelling seminars with lots of knowledge and humor, and his year-long clinical experience shines through all of the practical parts of the course.

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