Seminar and Qi gong with Peter Deadman

2-day lecture & Qi gong

Cultivating the mind, breath and body.

A weekend workshop with Peter Deadman

Moving Qi is transformational and encourages personal development and consciousness of your body, mind and spirit and thereby your general state of health

This seminar is open to everybody who is interested in personal well being and you can participate regardless of language and professional background.
This transformative weekend will combine lectures on yangsheng (the
nourishment of life) with practical qigong sessions.

As well as deepending our understanding of how to work with the body, mind
and emotions for our own health and wellbeing, we will learn simple practices to
teach our patients to complement the treatments we provide.

Qigong practices to strengthen and harmonise the five zang and the Sanjiao:
Drawing from the baduanjin (‘eight pieces of silk’) and five animal traditions,
Peter will teach practices to strengthen and harmonise the body as a whole, and
the five zang and the Sanjiao in particular. Participants will learn simple and
powerful movements that can form the basis of a daily practice, and a video will
be made available to help remember them

At the seminar you will receive all hand outs and a link to Peter´s Youtube channel, so you can always look at the exercises again and get back to practising your Qi gong.


Saturday September 12

• Introductory qigong session
• An overview of yangsheng (nourishment of life)
• How to manage and cultivate the emotions to maximise health, wellbeing and
the growth of wisdom
Qigong practices to strengthen and harmonise the five zang and the Sanjiao.

Sunday September 13

• Introductory qigong session
• How to cultivate the body and breath to maximise health, wellbeing and the
growth of wisdom
Qigong practices to strengthen the five zang and the Sanjiao continued.

Practise and have fun

Qi gong can be practised at any age and you do not have to be especially fit to learn and benefit from the practice (although this weekend course will require reasonable stamina). Practised regularly, and qi gong will strengthen the body, improve physical and mental balance and core stability, calm the mind, bring deep inner joy, improve breathing capacity, and offer a wide range of other possible health benefits.

Peter Deadman

Kurset afholdes med forbehold for at Peter ikke komme til Danmark pga Corona restriktioner. I tilfælde af aflysning tilbagebetales kursusafgiften.

Dates Copenhagen

October  9 – 10. 2021


Saturday 10.00 – 17.00

Sunday 09.00 – 16.00

Dates Ebeltoft

October  11 – 12. 2021


Saturday 10.00 – 17.00

Sunday 09.00 – 16.00


2500,- kr. / 335 euro

Price includes 2-day seminar, coffee, tea and snacks

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About Peter Deadman

Peter is the co author of the book: ‘A manual of acupuncture’ and has written the book  ‘Live long live well’ about self preservation.

He has studied, practised and taught acupuncture and Chinese medicine for the last 40 years and practised Qi gong for the last 20 years.

Peter is known for his entertaining , insightful and humorous style of teaching.

Previous participants at Peter´s Qi gong seminars have said:

“As an experienced qigong practitioner, I believe I learnt nuances that might take years to learn from other teachers. The instruction was clear, and coupled with a profound wisdom this made for an unforgettable learning experience”.

“Peter is a gifted teacher and I know that I will be able to continue to use this weekend’s material in my daily practice for years to come”.

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