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Master class is based on the following literature:

  • Huang du nei jing (den gule kejser) Su wen & Ling shu
  • Nan jing (Nan Ching)

In the Danish version of ‘Den gule kejsers klassiker – Huang Di Nei Jing the Nan jing is included.


The Master class focuses on Wu Xing (5 elements) and we advise you to read both the Ling Shu and Nan Jing. You do not need to read the Su Wen, but for interest and extra knowledge you may read Su Wen chapters 4, 5 (chapter 5 may be the most famous of all chapters), 9, 25 and 68.

There will extra focused attentions to the following chapters of the Ling Shu and Nan Jing:

Ling Shu: chapter 1, 2, 7, 64, 65

Nan Jing: chapter 1-22, 65, 68

Here is an overview of each weekend

Weekend 1: Classical pulse and tongue diagnosis.

Handouts weekend 1:

CCM Acup Pulses

Slides from weekend 1: CCM P&T 2022 DMaster I[9]

The pulse is mentioned throughout alle the books and is therefore it is not possible to point out selective chapters.

You will be taught about the tongue and given examples in class.

Basic wu xing talk (March 16 from 5-7)

Handout from talk: Basic wu xing

Weekend 2: Shu points and needling techniques

Shu points: Ling Shu chapt: 1, 2 Nan Jing chapt: 6, 65, 68

Needling techniques: Ling Shu chapt. 7

Weekend 3: Geometrical acupuncture and meridian therapy and the choice of point categories and point combinations

Handout weekend 3

Weekend 3. 5 Shu Xue

Article written by Dr. Li Jie

Read: Ling shu chapt: 1, 2, 7, Nan jing chapt: 6, 65, 68

12 yuan points

15 Luo Points15 Luo Points

Weekend 4: Classical 5 element constitutions and facial diagnosis

Read: Ling shu 64, 65

Face diagnosis

Read: Ling shu 47

Weekend 5: Classical needling techniques

Handouts: HDNJ LS 7 Needling

Read: Ling shu 7